Friday, January 13, 2012

What A Weekend Ahead

Thorpe, Klim, Trickett back in the swim at the Victorian Championships in Australia.

Ervin, Evans back in the swim at the Austin Grand Prix.

This is a great weekend for the sport!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Race Club & Ryan Cochrane

I was just looking at this video today, taken prior to US Nationals in Atlanta in late 2011. The content in terms of the interview are things Canadians have heard in abundance for the last couple years, given that Cochrane is the only Canadian Olympic medalist still active in the sport, but what I particularly enjoy is the look at both full speed and slowed down of Cochrane swimming freestyle. Young swimmers should watch Cochrane's hands when he swims. The surface area Cochrane creates on a consistent basis is one of the reasons Cochrane is one of the finest freestyle swimmers on the planet. As long as I balance my schedule properly, I plan on taking a look at the the state of Olympic events heading towards London... less then 200 days to go, with many national Trials coming up in March and April... exciting times in 2012.