Saturday, July 31, 2010

Coaching Carousel

As the club season of the 2009-2010 Canadian swim season comes to an end it's interesting to see the volume of coaching changes this summer. This seems like a much more active coaching carousel then usual.

New Head Coaches will be found at...

TSC... clearly I have an interest in the hiring of Alex Wallingford
OAK... hired Sean Baker away from Hamilton
HTAC... who hired an old friend of mine Aaron Maszko
SCAR... hired Darren Ward, the top age group coach at MSSAC
University of Regina... Sylvain Pineau moves to coach the Cougars

There have been obviously other coaching moves but these are pretty much the big moves in Canada, featuring the hiring of coaches to traditionally successful clubs. Even coach moves at the University of Regina and the launch of the Trinity Western University swim program under Brian Metcalfe are also very significant as they will enable more opportunities for swimmers to compete at post-secondary education institutions, which is a clearly a good thing.

Good luck to all the faces in new places, should be interesting to see how these moves pan out.

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Clock Does Not Lie... Neither Do The Numbers

My coaching philosophy is absolutely simple... Swim fastest at the highest level Championship meet available.

Invitational and Open meets are nice but Championship meets determine champions thus the program needs to remain absolutely focused on Championship meets. As simple as this philosophy sounds, believe me, there are a lot of coaches that do not have the same focus, I see it all over the deck.

So if that was the objective goal... How did my swimmers do?

My athletes swam 4 preparation meets before their focus Championship Meet, here are the percentage of best times performed at each competition...

Grootveld Invitational... 48%
Hicken Invitational... 47%
PN50 Invitational... 36%
GMAC Invitational... 46%

Central Region Championships... 55%

Nice. I thought that the numbers in the high 40s during the early part of the long course season were a little high but a result of the group being in significantly better shape then the previous year and building off moment developed during December training camp and decent short course results.

The number that is most telling is the 55% at the Central Region Championships. I like that number but truly I was hoping to surge that number towards 65-67%. So, there is work to be done.

I have one more swimmer heading to Age Group Nationals, his preparation has been taken a little out of my hands and this is his first short racing at a National-type of level so we will see how he does...