Tuesday, February 1, 2011

One Says Good Bye... The Other Says Hello

Big day for the sport of swimming, aside from the ascension of Frank Busch to the Executive Director role of USA swimming, two of the greatest names in swimming made news for going in opposite directions.

Early this afternoon it was revealed that Aaron Peirsol made it known that he will be leaving the sport of swimming. I will need another full post to overview the contribution of Peirsol to swimming but the blunt message must be that at the time of his retirement Peirsol is the greatest backstroker to ever swim.

And then there was tonight when Ian Thorpe made it official that he's back and making a run at 2012. At his press conference tonight Thorpe made it known he'll focus on the 100FR and a secondary emphasis on the 200FR with the plan of being a force on Australian relays. Obviously this sets the table for an epic confrontation with Michael Phelps in the 200FR potential in London.

It was a big day in swimming and it's fair to say that business has officially picked up in the dash to London in 2012.