Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Challenge: 2010-2011

Group registration is complete at TSC and my group is a big one this year. 38 swimmers deep! So big that I have an assistant coach come in a few times a week to make sure I stay legal on deck with a proper number of supervisors per athletes in the pool.

Last year's group was 29 deep but there were a few "older" swimmers who just were not interested in committing to the sport so there were usually about 18 swimmers per workout. Now I have 38 swimmers, just about all of them ready to get after it and train hard to swim well.

So how do I ensure that I make sure everyone is getting time and doing the kind of work that will make everyone better?

From what I studied from football coaches who are used to having very large training groups the key I believe is temp of workout. In the first couple of weeks here the energy around the pool has been great and it's up to me to design workouts in a way to keep the athletes moving and consistently challenging them to do quality work in a somewhat crowded pool.

I'm excited for this season to get under way I believe that the group is a little more talented and a little more dedicated this year then it was last and I'm ready to coach these swimmers up so they can get better and move up and give me an easier-to-manage group.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Great Coaching

WARNING: Rex Ryan's language is not for everyone, if you watch this clip you will hear excessive swearing.

Now, that said, this is Rex Ryan, coach of the New York Jets and his team is being featured by HBO's brilliant 'Hard Knocks' series. Ryan is in his second year as Head Coach and he's notoriously outspoken but clearly by the message being set forth he demands discipline from his team and he does a fantastic job balancing the fun of sport with the seriousness of being professionals who are competing at the sport's highest level and trying to dominate at that level.