Friday, November 18, 2011

Mid-November? Really?

It's been a while... amazing.

I'm coming off a stretch of 4 meets in 4 straight weekends, a good gauntlet of racing to gauge where the group is starting from this season.  So the obvious question has to be.. hey coach, what have you learned?

I have a unique group... 37 swimmers, only 10 girls, which means I coach 27 teenage men.  The good thing about having a male dominated group is that when they are motivated - practices are awesome.  The bad thing about having a male dominated group is when they are distracted - practices can really be tough to get back on the rails.

Not surprisingly these young men love to race and to date the results of the men in the group have been above expectation level but conversely the girls are off to a slower start.  That said, I like the skills being developed by most of the ladies in the group so I like the direction they are getting to once we steer the ship to a point where the best times start to collect (and hopefully in big numbers).

There are no impending disasters in the group - that meaning I believe that all 37 are in a position to have a productive season (in terms of best times), which would be fantastic but obviously dependent upon group attendance.

I'm going to try and blog a little more regularly in the near term, we do not have a meet until early December so hopefully I'll have more to share.  Thanks for hanging in there, I'm going to catch up on some current issues in the sport and we'll communicate soon!